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The campaign had the story, Falling for you - by Sriti Jha & Dushyant Singh, celebrates the emotions and connections that are formed in the digital age of romance. It captures the essence of love, excitement, and vulnerability that come with confessing one's feelings and forming connections through virtual platforms.

Campaign Overview

The campaign taps into the universal experience of the "butterflies in your stomach" feeling and the excitement that accompanies confessing love. It evokes nostalgia and brings back memories of the initial stages of a romantic relationship. The partnership with Bumble underscores the theme of digital connections and love. Bumble, as a platform that encourages meaningful connections, aligns perfectly with the campaign's message of virtual relationships evolving into deep emotional bonds.

Content Theme

The campaign portrays the story of two lovers who bridge the gap between screens and create a genuine emotional connection. It captures the essence of how love transcends distance and finds a way to manifest itself through digital mediums. It encourages engagement with the hashtag #Lovewillfindaway. This hashtag not only encapsulates the campaign's theme but also encourages viewers to share their own stories of love and connection.