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The campaign is centered around the concept of combining the joy of coffee, storytelling, and creating memorable experiences. The collaboration between Tape A Tale and McDonald's aims to provide a unique and cozy evening where attendees can enjoy heartwarming stories, poetry, and coffee.

Campaign Overview

The event encourages participation from the audience in multiple ways. Attendees can look forward to hearing heartwarming stories and poetry that resonate with their own experiences. It encourages potential attendees to book their tickets in advance on The tickets admit two people and are fully redeemable against two coffees at the event, ensuring an interactive and enjoyable experience for participants.

Content Theme

The campaign emphasizes the notion that coffee is more than just a beverage; it's intertwined with memories and emotions. By bringing together coffee, storytelling, and community engagement, the event aims to create an unforgettable evening where attendees can connect over shared experiences and enjoy the warmth of coffee and human narratives.