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The campaign features a storytelling piece by Sriti Jha titled "Cheesy Stupid Ishq," centered around love and genuine connections, aiming to inspire audiences to embrace the depth and authenticity of romantic emotions. It highlights the power of vulnerability and each individual's unique journey in finding love.

Campaign Overview

The collaboration with OkCupid aligns with the dating app's core values of connecting people based on shared values, interests, and genuine connections. The campaign message resonates with OkCupid users who seek meaningful relationships and prioritize emotional depth over superficial ideals. The timing of the campaign coincides with Valentine's Day, a day traditionally associated with expressions of love. The campaign encourages user engagement amidst the mission of facilitating meaningful connections in the digital age.

Content Theme

Srithi Jha's narrative aims to inspire hope and positivity, suggesting that love, though sometimes unconventional or unexpected, has the power to touch hearts in profound ways. It encourages listeners to recognize that cheesy and corny expressions of love can be authentic and beautiful.