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The campaign with Sriti Jha, focuses on empowering women to break free from societal conditioning and stereotypes, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and pursue them with confidence. It highlights the transformative power of self-belief and determination.

Campaign Overview

Sriti Jha's open letter serves as a means of self-reflection, where she addresses her 15-year-old self. It aims to inspire women to reflect on their own journeys, challenges, and aspirations, fostering a sense of self-empowerment and growth. The partnership with ITC Vivel aligns with the campaign's message of empowerment. Vivel, as a brand, supports women's confidence and aspirations. The collaboration amplifies the message of challenging stereotypes and embracing self-belief.

Content Theme

The campaign's tagline, "Ab Samjhauta Nahin," encapsulates the spirit of empowerment and determination. It signifies a shift from compromising on dreams to asserting one's right to pursue them unconditionally. It addresses the societal norms and conditioning that can hold women back from pursuing their dreams. It encourages women to challenge these norms and beliefs, uncondition their thinking, and create their own paths.